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Below are genres of essays that your Professor is most likely to ask you to write, and we are ready and happy to write for you.

Argumentative Essay

In an argumentative essay, the student is expected to take a position on a particular idea and defend that idea with facts. The student at first will be required to conduct an extensive investigation with the objective of collecting evidence that will support his or her position. This type of essay is mostly detailed and lengthy.

Expository Essay

This type of essay is assigned as part of classroom evaluation, it involves the investigation of an idea, explicating the idea, and evaluating the evidence.  It is easy to confuse an expository essay with an argumentative essay, but expository essays are much shorter and do not require delving into too much literature.

Descriptive Essay

This genre of essay necessitates a student to describe something, for example, a place, person, an occurrence, a type of object, etc. This calls for imagination and proper structuring of the imagination by the student. Brainstorming and the use of clear and concise language are key.

Narrative Essay

This genre is mostly writing from a first person point of view. The student will be asked to narrative about a particular occurrence that directly relates to him or her. In essence, it is all about telling a story that one has experienced or is personal.

Reflective Essay

In this genre, a student is asked to write down on how he or she has been progressing during the duration of study. The student writes about the learning experience, what was interesting or challenging. The student is also expected to write about future anticipation while in class.

Compare and Contrast Essay

This genre dictates that a student compares and contrasts to different things or issues. Here, the student will be describing what makes the two things or issues similar or dissimilar. It is advisable to identify a particular factor, and thereafter discuss by noting characteristics of each.

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