FIFA Organizational Culture

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  Abstract This research will investigate whether FIFA should change its organizational culture after every World Cup tournament. The study will introduce the research question, and discuss the significance of the research. Then, the paper will compare various literatures on the topic of ‘organizational culture.’ This is a quantitative research and the question is premised […]

2017 The Significance of Lifestyle Change in Diabetes Prevention

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  A clear indication of the tremendous strides made in the healthcare field is the fact that researchers have come up with mechanisms for preventing, treating and eradicating most communicable diseases.However, a rather unfortunate shift has come to the forefront in the recent past; the fact that the occurrences of non-communicable illnesses such as obesity, […]

Difference between a Diabetic and Overweight School Age Children

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  Abstract 2 LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES. 4 CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION.. 6 1.1 Purpose of the study. 7 1.2 Research question. 8 1.2.1 Main question. 8 1.2.2 Sub-questions. 8 1.3 Variables. 8 1.4 Hypotheses. 10 CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW… 10 2.1 Introduction. 10 2.2 Conceptual framework. 11 2.3 Theoretical literature. 12 2.4 Empirical literature. […]

2017 The Impact of Financial Crisis on China’s Real Estate Industry

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Abstract China’s economy was the first to emerge from the effects of the financial crisis, registering remarkable growth in contrast to its major trading partners. However, its dependence on and integration with the global economy meant that China’s economy did not escape the effects of the crisis. This paper set out to investigate how the […]

7 Success Factors of Nike as a Brand

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Success Factors of Nike as a Brand Research Question What are the main success factors of Nike as a brand? Sub-questions What are some of the steps that led Nike to be a brand globally?  Were the motivational factors behind making Nike being a brand? Literature review Circumstantially, Nike has done much in establishing strong […]