International Periodical Distributors Association Magazine (IPDA)

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The IPDA is a magazine that addresses the business world. It aims at fostering sales growth, understanding and efficiency in the book and magazine categories at retail (IPDA Web). This is a magazine that targets a highly receptive audience but apparently not doing this in the most alluring method and style of publication. The targeted audience here is the commercial world where people are out to find newer ways and ideas of improving their businesses. Unfortunately, the IPDA is that kind of magazine that just touches lightly on general issues concerning business as a whole. The magazine’s website in which one can get access to some of these articles is a poorly choreographed one too. The articles are not arranged in a manner that can make the reader stick around in the webpage. The articles are simply put there with the least of creativity employed.

The choice of color is a poor one too. The writings are just normal writings with even relatively small font sizes as compared to other successful magazines. The background color of the magazine webpage are simple plain white failing to give the reader that “love at first sight” feeling with the magazine thus killing the reader’s psyche . Their style of writing also is not a captivating one. The magazine fails to employ styles that capture reader’s attention throughout the articles. They are rather too direct on certain issues and fail to give proper illustrations and examples concerning a particular issue.

The magazine does not offer their audience with sufficient and reliable statistical data concerning certain surveys. Rather, they give approximate values of data which is unprofessional of the business world. Hence the magazine is less likely to achieve its goals.

The Bosacks Magazine

The Bosacks magazine is one of the successful magazines in terms of delivering sufficient and interesting information to the audience.

They offer a wide range of topics mostly concerning publishing and print. The Bosacks Magazine articles are written in attractive style that engages the readers’ throughout the articles and even the whole magazine. Vivid description is employed in this magazine many a time (Sacks Web).

The magazine accompanies most of their articles with relevant and interesting pictorials that can be understood on their own even without the writings involved.

A combination of skills of formatting texts is exhibited by the Bosacks magazine. It employs italics, bolding of important words, font colors and font sizes, all these combined creativity build up a very interesting magazine to look at.

Background colors of the articles come different with each and every piece thus doing away with the monotonous mood that shows in other magazines.

For each and every article, the magazines offers sufficient and reliable information without leaving any stone unturned. The statistics are accurate and not approximations of statistical data that assist to make the articles worthy of reading. The length of articles in the Bosacks Magazines too are neither too long nor too short, just long enough to satisfy the audience demands without  getting them bored.

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